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A Discordian rap star who balances the world on his hatred of the mundane. He's also a songwriter/rapper/producer/performer/poet type of person who does things, and hopes that you like them or that you dislike them in such a way that it will bring you pleasure.




Because I feel human again... 

The show at Beatnik’s last night was AWESOME! After being so holed up and insularly focused on doing this HUGE album (which is increasingly looking like it could be releasted as early as September) I decided to take a real laid-back approach to this one, enlisting the help of one of my favourite musicians and people ever.

Mark Leighton is an inspiring dude. If you know him, you know that. If you don’t, your loss. Haha.

He set up a makeshift drum kit…turned a floor tom into a snare drum and stuck a tamborine on it, and had a bass drum. Sounded great. We did some deep blues stuff (open D minor, Bentonia stylee), and I even read some stuff out of the Devil’s Dictionary to a receptive audience before moving on to the higher energy stuff.

As always, Mieka Pauley’s “Marked Man” got the most feedback. That woman wrote an amazing song, and I hope the day comes that everyone knows her name. I want to see her and Lykke Li start a band.

We played some stuff we hadn’t rehearsed in order to keep it high energy. With all the mistakes we made, and all of the looseness, the whole thing felt great. I’m really looking forward to doing more shows like this, and maybe adding one other multi-instrumentalist to the mix and doing some cool other shit.

“Other shit” in general is where I want to go now. I have no idea what that means, but I’m going to be picking up my computer and setting up SOME sort of workstation at my house in the near future to be sure.

Besides the musical element of last night, though, a few other things that reminded me of why I play music and have an obsession with travelling and seeing people in their natural habitat:

* A gentleman handed my friend drugs, unsolicited, and proceeded to tell her a story about how he married into the mob and “ran over someone’s head last fuckin’ week”. I didn’t believe him, but it was sweet of him to give away his pot I guess? Just goes to show that morality and generosity are not always synchronous. Heh.

* I saw a t-shirt for a the Locksmiths, the hip hop crew that put on the SxSW show that I played this spring. We got to talking, and it turns out the same guy from the first story (mafioso man) was trying to tell him to go across the street and buy a pack of cigarettes he said “Well, maybe I can get some other faggot to do it instead”. A real gem.

* A very pretty lady with a very pretty friend saw the last show I did with Sound in Stone as my backing band and came back to see this show. After everyone I knew had left, I had an opportunity to share a unique and entertaining conversation with them. I don’t often have not-serious conversations, so that was an impeccable part of the evening. It’s one thing when people come back to shows, it’s another when they’re intelligent and interesting. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t support pig rape…probably because boars can fuck themselves. Literally.

* Beatnik’s is a great venue. Worcester enough to be welcoming, not-Worcester enough to be interesting. I know that Worcester has a few haunts that are known for good shows, but this place is really a GREAT option. I’ll definitely be trying to do more stuff there.

* Dave Magario played my favourite song of his and we had a chance to discuss the album making process. I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well. Remember to say hi, and stay beautiful.


Upcoming shows! 


I wanted to let you know about some shows coming up…I’ve got some hip hop gigs, a special acoustic performance with Mark Leighton tonight, and a few one-off TBO gigs as we button up the record and start our big push later this year.

Tonight - 5/26/2011 @ 8pm
433 Park Ave
Worcester MA

Sister City
Shane Hall & Mark Leighton
Dave Magario

Tonight will be a special performance of some of my favourite tunes with Mark handling guitar and percussion duties. I’ll be doing some of my favourite covers, and we’ll be doing some cool renditions of TBO favs as well.

6/2/2011 @ 6pm
The Democracy Center in Harvard Square

45 Mount Auburn St.
Cambridge MA
$1 - $10 sliding scale

Brunt of It
People With Teeth
The TickleBomb Orchestra
Speaker for the Dead

This will be a wonderful celebration with some friends of our, Prayers for Atheists and People with Teeth. One of only TWO currently scheduled TBO performances!

6/4/2011 - 12pm to 9pm
The Raven

Thistle & Twine
Kid Ikarus
The Grand Arkanum
Shane Hall
Dear Saint
Speaker for the Dead
The Words Will Follow
Dead End Kids
Hotel Year

I’ll be doing a hip hop set in support of our friends in Japan. This is the first day of a two-day festival.

Particle Accelerator Benefit Show for Mental Health

Many acts, including the TickleBomb Orchestra, come together once a year to celebrate the life of a friend we lost (as many of us have) to declining mental health with no affordable releif. All proceeds go towards helping those without health insurance get the medical attention they need.

Here’s a video trailer from last year’s show, to get you pumped! This is a VERY VERY VERY special show to us for personal reasons, and as always it would help very much to see you there offering support. Good times, good music, good people…let’s do it!



That’s it…for now. Do know that the album is nearing the completion of the tracking phase and will be going into heavy mixing. I’m not putting anything in stone, but we’re hoping to have a September release date.

Stay beautiful.

-Shanathan aka Shanal aka Shane aka That Guy Who Keeps e-mailing me about his shows

Found these in my google docs 


When the sun crashes into the sky
and the darkness seems forever
I’ll be there, fumbling for something to say

And if you grab hold of forever
would you lend me it’s charms for a day
So I could love you
but never ever get in your way

It’s the unwinding
the unwinding
such an adorable place to be
with you.

If it’s far less epic than that
and I just leave by some hazardous chance
I hope you’ll remember my sentiment’s stance

Be generous my love with your love,
and bedazzle the crowds in their hearts
for a loss from below not above
is the poison on the tip of the dart

and the unwinding
the unwinding
such a deplorable place to be
with you.

Fat Lady of Limbourgh, Don't Use Me & Until You Feel... 

…are my best selling songs on iTunes.

On bandcamp, it’s a little different - it’s more of the hip hop stuff. G.E.D. is my best seller there, unless you include the “Basic Draining” album in its entirety, which has actually sold particularly well on bandcamp.

What does this mean? Fuck if I know. I thought it was neat. But I ask you, if you’re so inclined to share, what is your favourite song of mine…and what version of it? I know that this is a bit indulgent, but as I’m working on this new record and taking a performance hiatus, it’s time to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. :)

Maine Bill Would Repeal Transgender Protections  

Maine Bill Would Repeal Transgender Protections :




[Rep. Ken] Fredette’s bill, LD 1046, says that—unless otherwise indicated—a restroom or shower facility designated for one biological sex is presumed to be restricted to that biological sex and that a transgender person would no longer be able to claim discrimination under the Maine Human Rights Act if denied the use of the facility of their choice.

This is happening in my home. God. I don’t even know how to handle this shit storm of a month.

“This bill places transgendered children in a position of doom and hopelessness,” he said. “This bill tells my daughter that she does not have the same rights as her classmates and reinforces her opinion that she has no future.”


What the fuck.

Why are we going backwards? I didn’t vote to go fucking BACKWARDS.

Fuck you too maine

I haven’t checked the sources for this - but if it’s true…Maine needs to get their shit together.

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