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A Discordian rap star who balances the world on his hatred of the mundane. He's also a songwriter/rapper/producer/performer/poet type of person who does things, and hopes that you like them or that you dislike them in such a way that it will bring you pleasure.




#WGBH coverage of Standing Rock seems nearly non-existent this... 

#WGBH coverage of Standing Rock seems nearly non-existent this day before Thanksgiving. I don’t think I have to explain to most of the people I know the disgusting irony in that as our friends are violently attacked by the government. Here is the information for who to contact on the news desk at WGBH to pressure them into some coverage.

I just left a voicemail and sent an email and encourage you to do the same. The more eyes are on Standing Rock the less violence our government will be able to get away with, hopefully.

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